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THE STORY GARDEN - Teacher's Book 1 + digital code for digital book +class CD

THE STORY GARDEN - Teacher's Book 1 + digital code for digital book +class CD



The Story Garden is a new English language course for primary schools aimed at students from 6 to 11 years old.

The Story Garden is based on The Heart and Mind Approach, that creates synergy between the cognitive and emotional aspects of the students. Emotions and thoughts not only interact, but their integration is essential in the learning process.

• Each level of the course has 6 units, each one based on classic fairy tales, or other fairy tales, important to promote emotional learning.

• In the choice of contents and presentation methods, the course is attentive to DSA and SEN issues.

• Interdisciplinary activities (CLIL) convey knowledge related to other disciplines.

Teacher’s Book Structure

• Step-by-step guidance and didactic ideas for each page of the course.

• Self-assessment and self-learning cards.

• Transcriptions of audio and video material; linguistic, grammatical and cultural curiosities.

• Tests & Resources, a complementary volume of photocopiable

Digital resources for online / blended lessons

• Interactive and downloadable Digital Book with audio and video files, interactive and self-correcting activities, symbols to enable students to listen and practise the pronunciation

• ELI LINK App: instant access to audio and video content in a click directly from the book with any device