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ELi Digital Hub
Have you ever wondered how great it would be to have the hard copy of a book accessible in a digital form any time?

With ELiDigiBook the texts come alive with videos, images, audio materials, exercises and much more. And you can also enrich the book with your own materials! There’s no limit to how you can personalise your textbook!

Teach and study where you want: at school, at home, or on the move. Your contents are available on any device, even without internet connection.

Please check the expiration date of your digital book upon activation.

Share materials in ELi Virtual Classroom or test your students in ELi Test Room.

ELi Virtual Classroom
ELi Virtual Classroom is an educational environment where you can share materials and assign activities to the whole class. It is ideal for organising specific study groups.

Traditional classes, flipped classrooms, group work, sharing resources: Eli Virtual Classroom adapts to every educational need.

ELi Test Room
ELi Test Room is the LMS environment of elionline.com. Lots of interactive tests ready to be assigned to your students.

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Multimedia contents

Access audio, video and interactive exercises directly from the paper book with ELI LINK App.

ELI LINK is the free application that allows you to access directly from the paper book all the audio and videos of the book.

Download the App on your smartphone or tablet and frame the cover of your book!

Check the multimedia contents available for your book.


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