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Magazines 5 issues a year: N.1 September/October N.2 November/ December N.3 February N.4 March/April N.5 May/June

Created to bring students closer to  contemporary English, Kid presents a wide range of current event articles and items on Anglophone culture which are ideal for class discussion. Every month Kid presents up-todate articles while the revision games and comic strips focus on comprehension and vocabulary recall.

Teacher’s notes Free with issue 1.
Downloadable at Teacher's Area
They include:
• A short guide on how to use the magazines.
• The year’s syllabus.
• Photocopiable activities.
• Language portfolio.
• End of year self-assessment exercises.
• Photocopiable material on culture studies.
Teachers Note    Audio 1-4 /  Audio 5-7  / Audio 8-9  / Audio 10-11

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