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EXCELLENT! (Catering and Cooking) - Digital Book

EXCELLENT! (Catering and Cooking) - Digital Book


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Excellent! trains today’s students in the hospitality industry with the language competences they will need for a successful future career.
Catering, cooking, bar and service are all covered in this course which ensures thorough revision of grammar and extension of  tradespecific vocabulary in clearly labelled, dedicated sections.

The Coursebook is organised in two parts:
Theory and Practice of Catering
• 8 Modules covering hospitality, catering, restaurant staff, kitchen and equipment, food and cooking methods, food conservation, menus, food safety, drinks and serving techniques.
• Variety of text types from descriptive texts to authentic and adapted articles, from recipes to interviews.
• Careful grading of topics, grammar and vocabulary: A Taste of Language.
• Thorough development of the 4 language skills.
• Extensive use of photographs to ensure understanding of the more technical aspects of English for catering.
• Preparation for Cambridge Preliminary (PET) and First (FCE) examinations.
Culinary Culture
• 5 Dossiers present aspects of English-speaking countries linked to aspects of the hospitality industry.
• Geography, culinary habits, society, food blogs and government institutions.
Excellent! concludes with a useful photo-glossary of foodstuffs, drinks, bartending tools, dinner service and weights, measurements and temperature conversion charts.

Digital Book
• All the resources of the coursebook in interactive digital version.
• Link to full, online user’s guide.
• Ideal for “heads-up” lessons on the IWB.
Teacher’s Book
• Extensive teaching notes for each section.
• Answer keys and transcriptions of listening materials.
• Tests and extra resources for both stronger and weaker students.
• CD-ROM Test-Maker with editable tests in Word© format.

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