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English with Games and Activities - A2/B1

English with Games and Activities - A2/B1

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This new series of activity books is combined with a digital version and helps students to gradually acquire different levels of language.
Based on a functional communicative approach, the series helps students at gradually acquire the vocabulary and linguistic structures thanks to the 14 units in each volume, which propose lexical themes related to topics of daily use. The Activity books include digital resources!

• Visual Literacy and Vocabulary
Each unit opens with about twenty words, supported by clear and beautiful illustrations. The words are then contextualized in a dialogue and practised in the subsequent four pages through games and graded activities, such as crosswords, word searches, anagrams and word-picture matching.

• Revision
There is a dictation and lexical map to be completed at the end of each unit which allows students to verify vocabulary acquisition. The unit ends with activities where learners can express their personal answers. The solutions in the appendix allow you to use the three-volume series also for self-learning.

• Digital Resources
Engaging and interactive activities are available and the digital book is compatible with any device