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Ready for English

Ready for English


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Magazines 5 issues a year: N.1 September/October N.2 November/ December N.3 February N.4 March/April N.5 May/June

With a complete new look, Ready is aimed at introducing children to the English language and the culture of the English-speaking world.
A delightful illustrated dictionary helps young learners to memorise new vocabulary, whilst fun games, photos, rhymes and craft activities
ensure lots of fun. Cartoon stories and stickers add to the enjoyment!

Teacher’s notes Free with issue 1. Also downloadable from They include: • A short guide on how to use the magazines. • The year’s syllabus. • Photocopiable activities. • Language portfolio. • End of year self-assessment exercises. • Photocopiable material on culture studies

 Teacher Notes  Audio 1-8  /  Audio 9-16  / Audio 17-21


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