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Best Commercial Practice - Digital Book

Best Commercial Practice - Digital Book


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A course designed to take young adult learners into the heart of business English. Specific sections foster comprehension of written

and spoken texts, increase knowledge of business vocabulary and usage and allow students to improve their own communicative


Best Commercial Practice consists of two parts:
The World of Business:
• 7 Modules organised in sections: Business in Theory, Business in Practice, Business Language, Business News.
• Extensive reading texts with accompanying comprehension activities.
• Authentic, semi-authentic and adapted articles.
• Spoken interaction activities.
• Grammar explanations and exercises.
• Preparation for the Cambridge English: Business (BEC) Examinations.
Cultural Background
• 5 Dossiers comparing the cultures of Britain, the USA and the English-speaking world.
• Reading and listening texts on a wide variety of topics useful for students of commerce.
• Preparation for the Cambridge English: Preliminary (PET) and First (FCE) Examinations.
• Literary production in English linked to the world of commerce with accompanying video.

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