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A Tot of English

A Tot of English


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Magazines 5 issues a year: N.1 September/October N.2 November/ December N.3 February N.4 March/April N.5 May/June

The magazine presents an article for discussion and an illustrated comic strip dictionary which together introduce the theme and the grammar contained in each issue.
Large photo posters and extensive articles give an insight into the most interesting elements of Anglophone culture.

Teacher’s notes Free with issue 1. Also downloadable from Teacher's Area.
 They include:
• A short guide on how to use the magazines.
• The year’s syllabus.
• Photocopiable activities.
• Language portfolio.
• End of year self-assessment exercises.
• Photocopiable material on culture studies.
Teacher Notes  / Audio 1-4  /  Audio 5-7  / Audio 8-9  / Audio 10-11

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