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Ready for PLANET ENGLISH Foundations WB+ digital code

Ready for PLANET ENGLISH Foundations WB+ digital code


Ready for Planet English is a course designed specifically to motivate and engage students, and to introduce them to the global dimension of the English language. Engaging texts and videos help develop critical thinking, communication and collaboration.
Ready for Planet English prepares students to communicate in English in the real world with a range of cross-cultural topics, texts and tasks.

• Practice of all four language skills.
• Grammar structures clearly presented and accurately practised.
• Authentic video material and lively situational videos to practise the communicative functions.
• Global skills and life skills integrated in the lessons.
• Recycling of all the language taught both within the units and in the revision lessons.
• Learn-to-learn and strategy boxes help students improve their language competence. Available levels in 2022: Elementary, Preintermediate and Intermediate.

Digital resources for online / blended lessons
• Digital book with all the audio and video resources.
• Extensive online resources for digital lessons downloadable from our website.
• ELi LINK App.
• Teacher’s Guide with Tests and Resources.

• 10 ten-page units.
• Grammar Reference with practical activities.
• Photographic Word Bank with activities.
• Online worksheets to integrate the 2030 Agenda goals.

Key Features
• Clear layout and activities planned to make approach and study inclusive.
• Thought-provoking tasks to encourage critical and creative thinking.
• Wide variety of texts aimed at introducing global issues and topics from the English Speaking World.
• Lesson plans suited for both synchronous and asynchronous lessons.