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ZIPPY DEEDOO Teacher's Guide Starter + audio CD

ZIPPY DEEDOO Teacher's Guide Starter + audio CD


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Zippy Deedoo is a three-level, story-based course for children aged
between 3 and 5 which caters for all learning types.

Pupil’s Book
• Target language introduced through stories linked to daily life.
• Story Time: follow Zippy the dog, Deedoo a little girl and Kabir a
little boy in their fun adventures.
• Game Time: interaction with other pupils.
• Sing & Dance Time: whole-body involvement in the
language-learning process.
Teacher’s Book
• Full notes for each lesson with timing of activities.
• Full transcripts of all recordings.
• Extra ideas and materials: drama, crafts, games.
Class Audio CD
• Dialogues, chants, songs and karaoke.
• Full-colour Flashcards of target vocabulary.
• Story Cards to illustrate the stories and prompt repetition.

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