TEAM UP Workbook 1 + Student's Audio CD
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TEAM UP Workbook 1 + Student's Audio CD

  • ISBN: 9788853603630
Team Up in English is a 4-level English course for Lower Secondary
School students, available in two versions: Levels 1 – 4 and Starter + Levels 1 – 3.

Student’s Book
• 12 units divided into 4 folders.
• Double language input of new items in different situations and registers.
• Inductive approach to grammar-teaching.
• Varied approaches to skills-development including CLIL.
• Insights into the cultures of the English-speaking world.
Workbook + Audio CD
• Consolidation exercises and activities follow the same organisation as the Student’s Book.
• Study Tips to develop students’ learning abilities.
• Extra listening material in the Student’s Audio CD.
Personal Toolkit
• Ring binder with flexible, extra materials:
• 144 Grammar worksheets with explanations and exercises;
• 600 words and expressions in 15 themed tables linked to worksheets included in Teacher’s Resources.
Digital Book
• Fully-interactive version for use in class with an interactive whiteboard (IWB) or at home.
• All resources and teaching tools in digital format per level.

Teacher’s Book + Audio CD
• Clear table of contents.
• Introduction to the methodology.
• Full teaching notes for each unit, transcripts of recordings, answer keys.
• Full cross-referencing to all elements: Workbook, Personal Toolkit, Tests & Resources.
• 2 Class Audio CDs.
Tests & Resources
• Photocopiable materials for testing include:
• Evaluation grids to track students’ progress;
• Battery of tests – Entry, unit, revision, skills, culture;
• Reinforcement and Grammar Extension Worksheets;
• CLIL Worksheets;
• Personal Toolkit Pictionary Worksheets;
• Audio scripts and answer keys for Tests and Worksheets.
Test-Maker CD-ROM
• Entry, Unit, Folder, Skills and Culture Spot Tests available in Microsoft Word®.
Starter + Levels 1 – 3 Version
• For classes that need to reach A1 level quickly.
• Covers the same syllabus as the Levels 1 - 4 version, but proceeds more rapidly.
• Starter revises A1 grammar, functions and lexis without the
intensive development of the four skills present in the four-level version.