MERRY TEAM Digital Book 6
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MERRY TEAM Digital Book 6

  • ISBN: 9788853607430
Merry Team is a six-level English course for children at Primary
School. Each level provides material for up to 90 lessons of between
45 and 60 minutes. The Teacher’s Resources provide guidelines for
extending or reducing the lessons.

Pupil’s Book
• Target language presented in topic-based context to develop
knowledge of a different culture.
• Real world topics as well as invented stories accompany the
children’s cognitive development:
• Levels 1 & 2 focus on daily experiences and core vocabulary
building; pre-reading & pre-writing.
• Levels 3 & 4 introduce topics from the wider world and include
interdisciplinary activities with emphasis on listening & reading;
classroom interaction for speaking; limited writing tasks.
• Levels 5 & 6 provide a bridge towards secondary education
through development of all four language skills; communicative
Activity Book + Audio CD
• Thorough practice of the target language presented in the Pupil’s Books.
• Wide variety of activities.
• Audio CD provides extra listening material for home study.
Digital Book
• Fully-interactive version for use in class with an interactive whiteboard (IWB).
• Fun ‘heads-up’ lessons help keep interest high.
• All the resources and teaching tools in one digital book per level.
Teacher’s Guide + Audio CD
• Full notes for each lesson and activity.
• Transcripts of all recordings.
• Extra teaching ideas and materials.