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The English Pomegranate (B2 - C1)

The English Pomegranate (B2 - C1)


The English Pomegranate has been vetted to help learners of English boost their oral and written production while preparing for the B2+ and C1 level (CEFR) or the range 70 to 80 (GSE).

This reference book addresses multiple needs including the overwhelming need of learners to steep themselves into authentic, real-life English, enrich their ideas, and speak or write accurately, fluently, and sociolinguistically appropriately.

This book seeks to cover these needs as if it were a fruit whose seeds should not be eaten, but planted and taken care of to give back new succulent pomegranates.

The main features of this book are:

▪Twenty (20) complete chapters on contemporary, up-to-date topics of general interest.

▪Fully-fletched discourse, full of native-oriented idioms and expressions – highly important when it comes to ESOL Examinations.

▪Detailed glossaries for each chapter with phonemic transcription, synonyms, Greek translations, and authentic examples from British and American corpora.

▪Detailed guidelines on how to achieve top-notch scores in Speaking.

▪Detailed guidelines on how to achieve top-notch scores in Writing.

▪Oversimplified English phonetics guidelines, specially formed for non-expert readers.