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FLASH ON ENGLISH Intermediate level - Digital Book

FLASH ON ENGLISH Intermediate level - Digital Book

A motivating, six-level, carefully graded English course providing thorough grammar, vocabulary and skills work through content interesting for teenagers and young adults. The levels Beginner and Advanced are the latest additions to the course. The combination of clear, easy-to-use printed, digital and online materials and the particular attention paid to the needs of mixed ability classes and different learning styles make Flash on English readily adaptable to any teaching situation.

Student’s Book
• Double linguistic input in each unit: double-page presentations of target language through realistic, graded texts and dialogues.
• Vocabulary building and practice of language functions through guided, freer and ‘personalised’ communicative activities.
• Clear explanation and practice of grammar points in each unit.
• Grammar Reference section with rules and examples at the end of each book.
• Flash on Skills: the four language skills approached through different content: cultures of the English-speaking world (Culture); cross-curricular material (CLIL); simple literary texts, both prose and verse (Literature).
• Special sections at each level
• Flash on Culture;
• Starter Unit reviewing essential grammar, functions and vocabulary;
• Starter Workout: optional booklet with further expansion:
• Flash on Reading: extensive reading and comprehension activities;
• Flash on CLIL;
Upper Intermediate
• Word building, Writing reference;
• Flash on Culture.
Workbook + Audio CD
• Unit-by-unit grammar reference and further practice to fix target structures.
• Revision and consolidation activities for listening, reading and writing.
• Recordings of all Workbook listening material.
• Irregular verb tables.
• Functions files (Pre-Intermediate).
• Useful expressions and phrasal verb lists (Intermediate).
• Topic vocabulary list for Cambridge English: First (Upper Intermediate).

Teacher’s Guide
• Introduction to the methodology.
• Extensive unit-by-unit teaching notes.
• Suggestions for further activities.
• Teaching techniques for mixed-ability classes.
• Full answer keys to all exercises and activities.
• Transcriptions of all recordings.
Tests and Resources
• Extra, photocopiable materials.
• Battery of tests: entry, per unit, revision, skills.
Multi-ROM Test-Maker
• Editable tests in Word® format allow adaptation to the class’s interests, needs and level.
• Recordings for listening tests.
Digital Book
• Containing all the material in interactive format for use on the Interactive Whiteboard or computer to make learning English more stimulating with ‘heads-up’ interactive lessons.
• Link to online user’s guide.
Online Teacher’s Resources
• More on Skills: further skills practice through culture, CLIL and literature-based worksheets.
• All recorded material in MP3 format.