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SMART START 3 - Numeracy Book

SMART START 3 - Numeracy Book

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Smart Start is a high-level pre-primary course for children aged between 3 and 5, aimed at schools that teach 5+ hours a week of English. Divided into three levels, the course offers a fun and “smart start” to very young learners.
Smart Start is designed to nurture the language development of the children whilst also nurturing their emotional, creative, mathematical and physical growth, as they move from nursery through kindergarten to the start of primary school.
The engaging characters, Tom and Izzy (twin brother and sister), introduce children to the world of English and create a positive, fun learning environment through their adventures with their friends, family and adorable cat, Coco. The language is thus contextualized in a humorous and motivating way.
Delightful stories bring a range of values into the English language classroom, while age-appropriate activities help children develop vocabulary skills, learn English sounds through phonics lessons, discover numbers and practice pre-reading and pre-writing skills.
Smart Start’s key objective is to make the children enjoy their first educational experience, maintaining their natural motivation and enthusiasm for learning English. Successful results are guaranteed through course features such as:
• interactive sticker scenes
• fun songs and chants with actions
• funny comic-style stories to introduce new language
• hands-on experiments and projects
• engaging stories with age-appropriate values
• language reviews in real-world settings featuring children from around the globe
• a range of ideas for artistic expression and games